The raid of the Citizen's Card

By the Very Archimandrite Sarantis Sarantos

The raid of the Citizen's Card [1]

In our days the alienation that Europe went through from a number of centuries until today is totally understandable. The Orthodox Christian life has changed. The humanistic rationalism has extended in all fields of human life, even in the inner spiritual life in Christ.

Dostoyevski presents the Jesuit “Grand Inquisitor,” the infallible Pontifix Cardinal, talking to Christ and saying “stay peaceful. Jesus, at your heavenly throne, and do not intervene in our work. We shall send you to Heaven many followers. Only do not get involved with the tools and methods of inquisition laboratories.” It is naturally understood that this totalitarian tactic of inquisition spreads in the entire European domain and its individual partners.

Through the Sengen convention, that was ratified by the Greek Parliament with law 2514/1997, a break is introduced in the proof of innocence. And this, because every European citizen may be placed under “discreet surveillance” , with the only assumption that one may commit criminal acts.

Today the government and almost the entire opposition are trying to convince us that the so-called Citizen's Card will suppress every governmental malfunction, every citizen harassment, every tax evasion. Total transparency in all fields of life will flourish if the renowned Citizen's Card is applied.

Indeed, from now on, on all forms of life, the citizen will be virtually exposed, since anyone, duly authorized or not (the last one through intentional leaks from malicious trustees or unintentional leaks through electronic hackers) since stored Card codes could draw personal information from a unified database and exploit him one pleases, with or without the knowledge of the Citizen's Card owner, to the violation of his privacy and freedom.

The Greek citizen, already financially exhausted, is punished with heavy taxation as a culprit. He is “guilty”, to be sure, since he willingly holds in his spiritual DNA three thousand years of democratic tradition and mainly the Orthodox spiritual freedom in Christ. He does not welcome and detests all the inquisitional methods and tactics, as well as their advisability.

When the SYRIZA party was in the opposition, it had submitted to the Greek Parliament its opposition to the intentions of the government to issue the Citizen's Card. It appears, however, that the issue of the Citizen's Card is a demand of the creditors that gradually annuls every opposition from most parties of the Greek Parliament.

The economics specialist and professor Mr. Stathis Adamopoulos summarized as follows all activity of the present SYRIZA-ANHEL government relative to the Citizen's Card:

1. The Deputy Minister of Interior and Administrative Reorganization of the SYRIZA-ANHEL government tried to adopt the Citizen's Card (Art. 16 of Bill of Law for discussion to the “opengov” from 17 to 24 March 2015). Due to the multitude of negative comments that the specific Bill article gathered (98% of the total), the provision of the Citizen's Card was withdrawn from the Bill. However, with article 10 of Law 4325/11-5-2015 the Citizen's Card was actually adopted, because with this article “the technical effectiveness of the electronic administration of public carriers, or the private sector” was required.

2. In cooperation with the National Bank, the Ministry of Labour issued the Food Card. We read in the internet site of the National Bank: “The card shall be charged with the food benefit that you are entitled, throughout the duration of the program... You can use the card only for the purchase of food from food stores with the “Mastercard” logo in Greece, as in super-markets, vegetable stores, meat-stores and bakeries. In order to realize the transaction you give the card to the cashier of the shop and dial your PIN in the special POS device... The price is automatically charged, without any surcharge. The Solidarity Card cannot be used for the purchase of goods with interest-free loans or in the internet for electronic purchases. It cannot also be used in ATMs for money withdrawal and the amount for which the Card is charged cannot be received in moneys.”

It is actually a forced application of the “Society Without Money,” with which some exploit the poverty and the need of the poor. Instead, a benefit could be given to the poor for heating or children's care, without the extortionist character of the Card system.

3. After the reshuffle of the government of 7 July 2015, the above deputy of the Interior and Administrative Reorganization became Minister of Interior for matters of administrative reforms. On 22 July 2015 we read in the media that “until the end of September the Citizen's Card will be adopted on a voluntary basis, as it will be a card that will facilitate the transactions of the citizen with the public services... In the future, the Citizen's Card could be used in all possible services... (as a card of the city resident, as a card of the insured, as the card of the farmer, as the card for the sick, as the card for the immigrant, as a card for the youth, etc.) and shall include the Identity Number, as well as the codes for the taxis program of the Ministry of Finance. The government target is to embody all electronic services developed by the ministries and will constitute the “smart card” of the citizen's and an “umbrella” for the electronic transactions of the citizens and the businesses with the state,” (, 22 July, 2015).

4.  This proposal was presented in the newspaper SUNDAY BHMA of 10 October, 2015.
In the new memorandum, voted on 14 Aug. 2015, we read: “Until October 2015, the government
(a) Shall...
(b) Shall process in cooperation with the Bank of Greece and the private sector a cost- accounted plan for the advancement and the facilitation of the use of electronic payments and the reduction of the use of money, to be applied beginning March 2016
(c)...” (page 90, Law 4336/14 Aug. 2015)

5. After the elections of 9 July 2015 the new government among its priorities, to combat bureaucracy, placed the issue of the electronic Citizen's Card and subsequently the electronic signature.

The new Minister of the Interior, the economist Mr. Kouroumblis, announced that procedures are advanced for the unification of AFM, AMKA and the number of the I.D. Card, in order to suppress bureaucracy.

The untaxed minimum (that is expected to increase to 12,000 Euros) will be given only for expenses paid with a card. What does that mean? That we must pay in all places with the card: At the super-markets, the gas-stations, etc.

Discounts shall be given for medical expenses that were paid with the card. In the case that all citizens are paying cash and get receipts are not subject to discount. The Athens Medical Society, as well as the Medical Society of Greece have expressed justified objections for the payment of medical expenses with the card.

6. In a scientific one-day meeting on the electronic payments that took place in the beginning of October 2015 it was requested from the substitute consulting director of Eurobank, Mr. Theodore Kalandonis, that “the allocation of credit of the public servants and the pensioners to two distinctive sections, where one section could be credited by a prepaid card, that can be used exclusively for electronic transactions” (sources:,, This proposal was presented as a government intention in the newspaper SUNDAY BHMA on 11 Oct. 2015.

It is then proven, in fact, that the NEW  WORLD  ORDER want all residents of this earth bound in the chains of electronic bonds and, first of all, all “bad” Greek citizens to be captive.

As proof of the above, we have the prophecies of the great saint of our times, Saint Paissios. Before his official recognition as a saint, many in the Ecumenical Patriarchate doubted his handwritten message, “ Signs of the times “ on the subject of electronic identity cards, which were later called Citizen's Card. They even argued that, it was quite possible, that the elder Saint was misled by a protestant woman named Relfe and from her he had a “phobia” for 666 and so on.

Now, however, that all of his ascetic and saintly life and his Tabor-like enlightenment came to light, all well-meaning Christians see how specific his eschatological predictions are on the Card and not only.
Here is a quotation from the “ Signs of the times”  :

Behind, then, of the thorough system of the computer security “assistance card” a world dictatorship is hidden, the slavery of the Antichrist... Then, after the I.D. Card, the “keeping in the file”, there is the shrewd stamping, and the continuous reporting on television that someone stole the card of someone and drew money from the bank. On the other hand they advertise the “perfect system”, the stamping on the hand or on the forehead with laser beams, that will not be seen externally, with the number 666, the number of the Antichrist.

Especially in the past five years our political leaders are betting on “civilising” us, to shape us up to make all of us back-benders from birth until death. Because from the satanic enforcement of AMKA, which will be incorporated of the Citizen's Card it is apparent that without the Citizen's Card we can neither live or get... buried.

Today we are not asked to declare expressly and verbally the denial of Christ, nor to trample on the Venerable Cross of our Saviour, nor on the holy icons. Nor do they insist moreover to bear clearly the number 666 on/over it (for instance, the use of barcode EAN-13), as previous pressures of our politicians said: But why are you so perturbed they say? 666 is a number greater than 665 and smaller than 667. We respond, then, that if this is so, why do you insist demonically to use it in the electronic identity cards for twenty years now? Why don't you use for instance, number 888 or 757 or any other number? Naturally, these light-hearted ministers or parliamentaries, who are dearly paid from the dictators of the New Era, have mobilized dearly paid press men, in order to trivialized and ridicule Christian brlievers.

Nevertheless, all noble Christian reactions against the electronic identity cards or the altered “George introduced”2 Citizen's Card had, resulted in the suspension of the issue of the real Citizen's Card, since the first and last word in the historic developments belongs to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The only thing that we, the little, the worthless and many times too zealous can do (sometimes with elegance and other times without), is to confess Christ's commands, as shown in the Holy Apocalypse of St. John, and as confessed by the Hierarchy of the Church of Greece, the fathers of the Holy Mountain and many hierarchs and faithful of the people God. We can be threatened, as bad boys are, but not obliged to surrender our souls to the demands of the gradually founded world antichrist state.

We are impressed by how the current Minister of the Interior and Administrative Reorganization, Mr. Panayotis Kouroumblis, an honest politician and Christian, appeared on 5 October 2015 in a meeting with his Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens and All of Greece, Mr. Ieronymos, appeared determined to enforce the Citizen's Card. Apparently, Mr. Kouroumblis had not been correctly informed, that the objections of many Christians to the Citizen's Card were considerable and documented. As a conscious/dutiful Christian, he must consider his responsibility in the eyes of God for drawing the Orthodox Greek people to the world state of the antichrist.

Naturally, after the capital controls, many thousands of Greek citizens were obliged to obtain charge or credit cards, in order to receive minute amounts from the bank at great pain and hardship.

However, every Greek citizen knows, that the charge or credit card is not yet the Citizen's Card. He must also know, that the deviously introduced charge or credit card, or otherwise called “mandatory Transaction Cards”:

a. may contain the RFID chip, reprogrammed
b. may be of small or large volume, but in each case
c. may communicate, as we said before, with a database, where there are continuously stored, the data of his financial transactions.

For that reason, it will be good to use it as rarely as possible, so as not to become used to this international system of the cards. Alternately, it is almost certain that the new Transaction Card will include a totally “upgraded” Citizen's Card (“a card for all jobs”), or alternately a card designed to fit all purposes or actions. In this there will be included all personal data of public and private life of the individual. It should be noted that the Citizen's Card had been turned out, after deliberation, many democratic carriers of our country, as well as many Greek citizens.
Consequently, no political authority must deceive and delude us. We all know that it is impossible to suppress tax evasion since the Transaction Card:

a. it is mandatory for the transactions of a totally poor and financially small to average income Greek citizen.
b. it is seemingly mandatory to the financially powerful, since they have the possibility of special secret, more favourable agreements through banking channels.

For that reason it is good to remind ourselves that at least hundreds of thousands of our compatriots have declared electronically and by other means and continue to declare that they are not going to get the Citizen's Card. And this is because the Citizen's Card (including the totally “upgraded” aspects of the Transaction Card and to stop to use money reminds us of St. John's Apokalypse, since, without that, no citizen can buy or sell anything. All his life depends on the solitary possibility of using the Card, a “gift” of the universal antichrist state. Initially, it appears that it will not openly have (with the use, for instance, of barcode EAN-13) the number 666 for the obvious reason of not showing the name of the antichrist. The fact, however, in the hands of an antichrist New Order every man is deprived from the freedom of life, is enough to lead us, even without the use of the infamous number 666, to object to its receipt. We respect and never negotiate the freedom given to us by our forefathers.

Αs Orthodox Christians we refuse the monophysite understanding for man, society and country.

Naturally, at any other time the world anti-christian state will become capable unseenly and secretly, through the super-modern microchip RFID, without the knowledge of those who possess the Card, to add the infamous number 666 and complete its world-wide anti-christian aim. It is more than easy to complete its desirable demonic engraving.

St. Paissios, enlightened by God, warns us not to receive the Citizen's Card, because it constitutes the acceptance of the antichrist's engraving. He specifically says: “After the Card and the Identity card, the “putting us into a file,” they shall proceed cunningly to the engraving...”

Consequently, after the card, the aim of the anti-Christian forces of the New Era is to draw upon us the engraving.

Is it possible to place ourselves against the statements of St. Paissios, particularly, when his statements come true in many ways every day? We expressly declare: We do not receive the Citizen's Card.

Let us wish humbly and from the bottom of our heart that the blessings of our current saints of our Church and all saints, with the many intercessions of the Theotokos enforce us/us in our spiritual life in Christ and forge within us the spirit of witness and the outward good confession in Christ.
[1] By arch. Sarante Sarantou, rector of the Holy Church of The Assumption (of the Theotokos), in Amarousion. 7/10/2015.
[2] Introduced by George Papandreou.